Facebook and Instagram Ad Management 

Our team has spent a lot of time and resources ensuring that we learn from the best of the best in the ads world. Your budget is in safe hands, and our ad managers will treat it as their own money. ​

Facebook and Instagram ads are incredibly powerful when used correctly. 

Your Budget

If you want to spend £50 - £100pm, then we are not the agency for you. If you want to see results, then you need to have a good budget on your side. 

A realistic budget for brand awareness and traffic is £400pm upwards. If it's conversions you want, then your budget should be starting around £700pm.


Frustratingly, ads are not a quick win. If you want immediate results, then sadly, we are not the right agency for you. 

That's not to say that you won't get results - you will, but they'll take time as we constantly test, monitor and change ads depending on how they are or are not performing, how the platform is working, your goals, your customers and so on. 

With this in mind, please contact us about this service if you are happy to have the appropriate mindset going forwards. 

Guarantees are not absolute because we cannot predict if people will buy from you, follow you or contact you, but we will do everything in our power to get eyes on your brand. 

If we do not see results of any kind, we recommend pausing your ads, reviewing them, and then re-starting them. 

We will work really hard for you, and if we ever get stumped, we're connected with over 1000 other ad strategists around the world who can advise.

Perfect for Food & Beverage, Hospitality and retail businesses!

The process

Step 1

  • Set up your Business Manager. 

  • Set up your Facebook Pixel, or assist with its set up. 

  • Research audiences. 

  • Create targetted audiences. 

  • Ensure your website events are set up. 

  • Test events. 

  • Create your sales funnel. 

  • Create and connect your ad account. 

Step 2

  • Create your artwork and copy (the creative) for your ads.

  • Set up your ad sets. 

  • Launch ads.

Step 3

  • Daily monitoring (Mon-Fri). 

  • Tweak ads where appropriate.

  • Edit the audience when appropriate.

  • Monthly reporting. 

You will receive a monthly report on how your ads are performing, but you will hear from us in-between to update you if necessary. Some clients like regular contact, and some relatively little contact. We are happy to be flexible and will work to your preference. 

Check out some of our results for clients.

After 24 hours of ad launch..png
End of the campaign for traffic.png
Local outreach campaign on a £50 spend..
Over £900 in sales!.png


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