Updated: Jan 13, 2021

1. It's not as simple as you might think...

Do you know which platform to be on to reach your target audience? Got your head around the latest updates and algorithm changes? Do you understand insights and which ones are relevant to your business? 

Well, a social media manager does, and they know the optimum post types, times to post and a good social media manager will create a strategy suited to your business and its goals. You wouldn't try to cut your hair or fix your boiler so why would try to manage your social media with limited knowledge or understanding of it.

2. It’s not top of your list

But for a social media manager, that’s exactly what it is. A social media manager is focused on their job of managing your social media, it’s what they do. So often business owners have other priorities that their attempt at social media marketing is last minute, and ill-planned, if planned at all. Your designated social media manager or marketing agency will strategise a long-term plan to help your business achieve sales, growth and major brand awareness. 

3. It's deep

Social media marketing isn't just about branding and brand awareness. Pretty pictures of your products just don't cut the mustard. A social media manager understands the inner workings of the platforms to a level that means they can utilise the different types of content that your business needs and will share them as per the strategy they have set out for you to go far deeper than brand awareness.

4. They keep it strictly professional

This is your business, your baby (they get that) so, when those sarcastic responses come in, negative comments or rude messages, do you have the professionalism and restraint to deal with them appropriately? Your social media manager does. Are you picking pictures, colours, posts that YOU like or that work for your brand and business? Your social media manager will make knowledgeable and unemotional decisions about your social media campaign.

5. You need to focus on business growth

Employing the talents of a social media manager, PR professional or digital marketing agency allows you to concentrate on the core on which your business revolves. Sales and growth need your full attention and you can’t give that if you are trying to manage a social media campaign (well, one that’s worth posting anyway). Using a social media manager will leave you free to “level-up”.

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