Updated: Jan 13, 2021

We were going to write a blog about how to cope during lockdown, or ways to promote your business during the lockdown, but do you know what we thought? Let’s step away from the business for a minute. Things are downright strange now, right? We wanted to bring a breath of fresh air to our blog this month and so we investigated some positive things that are going on due to the coronavirus. 

Time is still ticking, and the world is still turning despite life as we knew it almost grinding to a halt and we have had to find a new type of normal to cope. But much joy can be taken from the strength and compassion that has emerged from local communities. This won’t be forever, and we can make this time count for something.

Clap for our carers

On the 26th March at 8 pm the UK opened their windows and doors and showed their appreciation for NHS workers that are working on the frontline in this battle against the coronavirus. The idea was brought to the UK by Annemarie Plas who had seen something similar in her own country. She created a poster inviting people to take part and it spread across social media resulting in thousands of people participating. 

Having been subject to lockdown and not being able to socialise, the resounding unison of the clapping heard that evening created a magical atmosphere that made us all feel close those around us once more. The warmth of community spirit, the appreciation of all frontline workers, and the hope for safer times were culminated in the clapping, cheering and shouting from each home up and down the streets of the UK. It bought a tear to many an eye. 

The clap for our carers was so powerful that it has continued to be a weekly event. As many key workers are putting themselves in harm's way to carry out their work it is wonderful for each household to be able to show how highly we regard their sacrifices. 


During this time of crisis, there have been a lot of fundraising events for different causes. It would seem the desire to help others has not been crushed. Of course, fundraising efforts have been adapted to conform with the restrictions that lockdown presents but this has not perturbed the efforts of the fundraisers. 

One of the most incredible fundraising attempts has been that of Captain Tom Moore who has raised a whopping £26,135,046.19 (so far) sum for NHS charities. At 99 years of age, the army veteran recently completed 100 laps of his garden subsequently raising an impressive amount and leaving the country in awe of his determination, and quite frankly his stamina.

Using a garden for fundraising has proven a popular method and there have been several other charity garden runs carried out within the UK. Fiona Wilson from Ipswich ran a half marathon in her garden raising over £1000, and two young brothers in Newcastle are running 49 miles in their garden to raise money for the Together Forever trust which was set up in memory of a couple who died in the Manchester Arena attack. 

Diversification for good causes

The hospitality sector has been hit hard by COVID-19 but rather than dwell in misery, many businesses within the catering industry have put used their situation to help others. Fast-food brand Leon has launched a campaign called FeedNHS which offers the provision of meals to critical care staff in the NHS. The programme delivers 5600 hot meals per day across five hospitals and is the source of much-needed catering where the provision of food for these staff has proven difficult during the coronavirus.

Another example of this support is seen with Gary Neville and his two Manchester hotels. Unable to open the hotels to the public, he has opened up his hotels for health workers to use free of charge whilst they are working amid the coronavirus pandemic. We think this act of generosity is another great example of how businesses are giving back to the community in the face of adversity.  

So, guys with so much uncertainty and worry at the moment it is natural to feel low now and again. But the nation has rallied together and shown such community spirit and support for one another that there is plenty of things to feel happy about too.

When we come out of this, we can all find appreciation in the things we took for granted before and we can look back with pride on some of the accomplishments that were made in such restrictive circumstances.

From the whole team at Purely Personal Marketing...

Stay Home.

Stay Safe. 

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