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We previously had a brief look at some different types of digital marketing, here we revisit them and what you should look for when choosing a digital marketing agency to carry out marketing work on behalf of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the better-known forms of digital marketing. Social media marketing is content-led marketing which aims to increase brand awareness, brand trust and brand loyalty. Social media marketing plays a long game, working on engagement with followers and focussing on quality, not quantity. Social media marketing requires dedication, planning and perseverance, and this is often a much larger commitment than business owners can realistically make.

Enter the experts…

A digital marketing agency can help with the core basics of social media posting by using social media management schedule content at optimum times that will ensure the best engagement with your target audience. A digital marketing agency can also get amazing results from paid ads if that is what your marketing strategy calls for.

What to look for?

Make sure you choose a digital marketing agency that doesn’t just regurgitate the same content. A good agency will create their own artwork and keep all your social media accounts fresh and engaging. This includes coming up with promotions or giveaways that will encourage user engagement but also actual sales. Web design Web design is simply the creation of a website for your company. A website is a form of communication between a company and a consumer and whether it is an online shop or just for information purposes, creating a website can be a time-consuming and down-right difficult task. A good website requires more than some keywords and pretty pictures.

Enter the experts…

A digital marketing agency has the flair and expertise to create a user-friendly, brand-specific and effective website. A digital marketing agency will be able to design a website to compliment your business needs. They can also adapt and modernise your existing website, once you’ve finished slamming your head into your laptop trying to make it.

Look for an agency that will take time to carry out regular competitor analysis as well as keep an eye on the current or upcoming trends within your industry to ensure that what they develop is fresh, current and future proof.


Search engine optimisation is how you increase the number and quality of visitors of your website by improving the search engine rankings. Paid ads appear at the top of the results page and organic search results are directly beneath them. The second page of google search results is where websites go to die.

Enter the experts…

A digital marketing agency will carry out work on; Keywords- the terms people search for when they look for information online

Backlinks- these are links on other websites that lead to your website

Relevance- this can be measured by the amount of time people spend on your website

Multimedia- images and video increase the quality of the website Device access- a good website needs to be mobile and tablet friendly

Speed- a good website needs to be quick and easy to use

What to look for?

A good digital marketing agency will analyse and review data regularly to see what has or hasn't worked and tweak this accordingly. Your agency will monitor your websites activity and will ensure that every aspect of it is functioning at its best.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an online engagement with your target audience through relevant content distribution. Content marketing focuses on gaining and building a relationship with customers through engaging and thought-provoking content that your customers can relate to. The premise behind content marketing is that your customers should not feel like they are being sold to, rather included and actively participating in your brands' story.

Enter the experts…

An effective content marketing strategy is not easy to come up with. It needs to tell a story, to speak to your customers and gain their trust and not fall into the hard-sell that is so often the basis for any kind of marketing but really shouldn't be.

What to look for?

A good digital marketing agency will develop a content marketing strategy alongside your digital marketing strategy and one that compliments your existing offline one. Find an agency that will get to know you and your business so they can help to translate that to your customers. Ultimately, you need to find an agency that you feel you can work with and that comes down to people, are they approachable and do they have integrity? Find an agency that isn’t afraid to tell you when you are wrong but will listen to what is important and will maintain your businesses core beliefs. Do you want to work with the typical 9/5 only-talk-to-me-via-email agency? Or do you seek to work with an agency that can offer a tailor-made, personal service? A good digital marketing agency will take the time and make the effort to get to know their clients and their brands in person, even though the very nature of the industry would allow for that all to be done digitally.

Only when a digital marketing agency understands your business from the inside out, can they accurately feed that back to the target audience. Some digital marketing agencies genuinely have a passion for the companies that they work with, and that shows within the marketing. Find an agency that strives to give your business a personal touch. Why? Because even in this digital age, we are all only human after all.

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