Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Instagram has launched a new feature, currently only available in Brazil, Germany and France which bears a striking resemblance to the much-loved TikTok platform.

Instagram reels are a brand-new way to record a short video clip set to music and shared on their stories. They are an exciting way to create engaging content.

We already know that videos command high engagement, and Instagram stories are too. So, by ingeniously combining the two in this new feature we anticipate that Instagram reels are going to be BIG. Not to mention the obvious popularity of TikTok already paving the way for this type of content. It is simple, its fun, it raises a smile- what’s not to love.

The feature offers the choice of a range of music or it can be borrowed from another video or the user can record their own. As well as being shared on the account story they can be sent in a direct message or saved to a Reels tab.

But can you go viral? Hell yeah! There’s a new discovery section in Instagram explore for Top Reels, here the best-performing Reels will be displayed. They must be set to public of course.

The launch of this feature is probably no coincidence. The popularity of TikTok has soared in the last 12 months and who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? Not to mention the demographic of TikTok has changed rapidly to include an older age range so naturally, it presents an ideal advertising opportunity.

We love the idea of Instagram reels and cannot wait to get involved when it comes to the UK. From a marketing perspective, there is no such thing as too much engagement, so we are delighted to see yet another way to deliver captivating content to followers. We talk a lot about positivity and making social media a happy place for people (clients) to be and this seems a great new way to contribute to that. And the bonus, with this not being dissimilar to a platform we already know and love there shouldn’t be too much learning involved before we can all get started. With Instagram reels promising to have enough editing options to rival TikTok, we are excited to get involved ourselves so watch this space!

We will be watching closely for a UK release of the feature and will follow up with a blog all about how to make an Instagram reel, but in the meantime, you have plenty of time to practice your candid video making skills on TikTok.

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