Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hello and welcome to the first Purely Personal Marketing blog!  Why a blog? Well, we write blogs for our digital marketing clients every week and we love doing it so we thought, why not create our own and have a little fun with it.  As “the new kids on the block” of the digital marketing scene here in Somerset, you’d be wrong to think that as a team, we are under experienced. Each team member boasts years of experience in the industry and each of us bring something different to the table. We all have a few things in common though; we are all creative junkies, we all love independent businesses and we all have a not-so- secret love for good food, travel and great music! We proudly offer digital marketing services to a vast range of clients from restaurants and holiday parks to estate agents and fashion brands.  What makes us different?  We offer bespoke marketing packages which are ALWAYS within our client's budget. We never overcharge and we make sure that we’re affordable to all businesses. Our HQ is based in Glastonbury, Somerset and we deliver the same professionalism and experience as a corporate agency who’d charge you an arm and a leg. Also, we are passionate advocates of new, emerging and independent businesses. Whilst we specialise in social media management, that’s certainly not the extent of our skills. Our collective expertise mean that we can offer copywriting, blog writing, videography, photography, event creation and management, PR, design and influencer connections and much more! And that’s us. Personable. Genuine. Hard working. Cake munching people with boundless enthusiasm for what we do and an ever-growing passion to genuinely help independent businesses achieve their goals.  ​ So, what can you expect from our blog...?  We’ll give you an insight into the mysterious, murky and exciting world of digital marketing, a world that is ever changing... literally daily! (who can actually keep up with Facebook’s updates?) We’ll explore the industry- what you think you know, what you need to know and what it’s really all about. We’ll also help you get to know us ‘behind the screens’. Meet Team PPM (more murky and mysterious than the industry itself) and delve into what makes us tick. Finally, we will be putting the spotlight on some of our favourite independent businesses in across the South West in our exciting ‘Small Business Stories’ feature. This is a no- catch complimentary expose that will celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in abundance here in the West Country. Ooh Arrr.  We hope you enjoy the blog and thank you for being part of our journey. 

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