Instagram Grids... what you need to know

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Here at Purely Personal Marketing, we LOVE a gorgeous Instagram grid.

When we land on a feed that has an eye-catching layout it is hard to resist following and the layout of your grid makes an instant impression on anyone who drops by and if they are impressed, they will want to see more.

What makes an Instagram grid impressive? Erm, quite simply, an Instagram grid layout.

Say whaaaat?

OK. So, the layout of Instagram is a grid. Each square on the grid has a role in the layout of the feed. If you plan each square you can create different layouts.

We are going to show you some different types of Instagram grid layouts that you could try.


This is a basic layout that should be easy to get to grips with. Just post each photo with the same filter and using brand colours.


This is another simple technique to create a tile effect on your grid. If you alternate posts with photo, graphic (perhaps a quote made on Canva using your brand colours and consistent theme), photo again.

Line in the middle

This looks beautifully creative. It is easy to maintain and you can use the middle section for anything you like. You could use it to display text that related to the photos surrounding it, or as a space for industry-related quotes.

Colourful feed

This is where things start to get interesting, and of course, with interesting, more planning is required. Try changing the colour of the posts every 6 or nine posts, this will create a rainbow type effect as someone scrolls through your grid.


For something positively extra (and we are all about extra) use a puzzle layout. This is where a photo is split into sections to create one large image on the grid. The trick is to split each image so that it makes sense on its own as well as forming part of the puzzle layout.

We hope you enjoy having fun with your Instagram grid and giving it a shot of personality that will capture and inspire your followers. By using a grid layout, you automatically promote your brand as thoughtful, conscientious and creative.

We look forward to seeing what you create. In the words of Dr Seuss:

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” 

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