What are the new Instagram Reels?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Over here at PPM, we are all over Instagram Reels. Yes, yes, we know they are extreeeeemly similar to the well-known social media platform TikTok. But that makes this new Instagram feature nonetheless exciting and we are enjoying watching it gain traction both on personal accounts and by brands.

If you don’t already know what Instagram Reels are, they are a new feature introduced by Instagram which you can record a 15 second (soon to be extended) video, set to music, beautified with filters and the engagement opportunities for these fun and entertaining video clips are through the roof!

Your Instagram Reel can be shared to stories, explore page, and on a user’s feed. You can create a reel by recording an in-the-moment clip or upload one from your camera roll. They are super fun to create and can be a good way to get over any fear you have of getting in front of a camera. If you are feeling really shy, you don’t even have to film your face. Delve into the depths of your imagination and film…well anything mildly interesting to capture your follower’s attention! Think outside the box, but don’t think too long about it, just get stuck in.

You may notice that some Reels have a ‘Featured’ label. This means that they have been chosen by Instagram to help users find new entertaining content.

Why has Instagram jumped on a TikTok style bandwagon?

Just like the rest of us, they probably noted the popularity of TikTok grow exponentially over the last 12 months with the demographic of users moving from Gen Z to now largely including Millennials. So, we think that is probably why Reels have replicated some of the popular features of TikTok. Interestingly Facebook trialled a similar app called Lasso, but as far as we know it never took off after launch.

Instagram Reels have an appealing ‘zero-expiration date’ because they can remain on a feed, which makes them an excellent way to bridge the gap between stories and generic posts. They provide the perfect opportunity to get creative so, for those flamboyant souls amongst you, they are a brand marketing DREAM.

So, Purely Personal Marketing's advise to any business now is to think about how you can incorporate Instagram Reels into your digital marketing strategy. We often tell clients that their ideal customer wants to see some humility from brands and Instagram Reels are a great way to show your audience the fun face behind the brand. Humanising your brand creates trust with your ideal client and Instagram Reels are a simple way to provide your audience with high-quality, engaging content. They are easy to use to add value to your followers feed by including industry information in a fun way.

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